Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Suicide Blog

If you're a laser-powered baby wolf who wants to kill his own blog, there are basically two ways to go about it: trip in the woods while in mid-optic blast, or promise that your next entry will be about something you don't really feel like writing about. That's how I killed this blog for the last few weeks. I promised I would soon write about idealists who are pursuing good causes for selfish reasons, like the good feeling they get from doing good.

But with all the people in the world who aren't doing good, I don't really feel up to criticizing the motives of those who are contributing. Sure, it's a little hypocritical to give money to tsunami victims and not all the other victims of calamities in the world. But who cares? I'm more worried about the people who are outright bad than the people who are inconsistently good. Every little bit of good helps.

Happy New Year.


At 2:24 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

glad you're back cub, and please, don't ever try to off yourself again.

It's true, it's tempting to condemn those who do good for selfish reasons, because we want good deeds to be pure. but I agree, sometimes you've just got to be glad that any kind of effort exists. The other night I saw Hotel Rwanda, a completely disturbing movie, and I found myself annoyed by the irony that I was sitting there watching a stupid Hollywood movie that had the gall to criticize Western society ... I was annoyed that we Westerners can only seem to swallow any information about such truly awful topics when it's couched in some kind of semi-hopeful, Schindler-esque storyline. The Rwanda story is evil through and through, and we have blood all over our hands and our souls, but we'll never let ourselves hear about our own complicity unless it's sugar-coated in some message of redemption. But what the fuck did I do but go get dinner with my friend after the movie, complain about Western hypocrisy while stuffing food and beer down my throat, and then go to sleep, safe and sound and comfortable. Are any of us really any different?

anyway, glad you're back.

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