Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The Closer

Women waiting in line to vote, circa 1908, Minnesota
Historical Society.

When you die, you survive through the things you leave behind: The bones of small woodland creatures you blasted with your laser eyes. The footprints you made in the woods. The historical actions of the candidates you helped elect.

Whichever side you're on, you're part of history today. And that's pretty exciting. It's worth waiting in line for, or skipping dinner for, or missing a trip to the gym/bar/pharmacist for. People have died for what you're allowed to do today, so it would be pretty smug of you not to do it.

Tonight, one guy or the other will concede and promise to support his former opponent. (Yes, it will really be settled tonight.) As this happens, I will be creating new footprints in the woods, confident that the process has worked as it should.

This is my last post of the 2004 campaign. I won't be anywhere near a computer as the returns come in tonight, but I hope you'll enjoy watching them. Thanks for reading, congratulations to tonight's winner, and see you tomorrow.


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